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The human body is a wonderful, marvelous creation capable of being self-organizing, self-developing, and self-repairing. However, every person is unique, and that individuality is an important attribute which we respectfully and humbly accept in our practice with every patient.

Diagnostic Assessments


Fall Prevention (CAPS)

Right Eye

Spark Motion

C3 Logix

Highmark EQ

Neurofeedback Therapy



Spinal Manipulation

Joint mobilizations



Therapeutic exercises

  1. Rehabilitation exercises
  2. Flexibility and strength exercises
  3. Sport specific exercises

Neuromuscular Re-Education

  1. Postural education and training
  2. Balance training
  3. Proprioceptive training

Soft Tissue Therapy

  1. Myofasical Release Therapy
  2. Graston / IASTM

Functional Neurology

Somatosensory stimulation

Balance therapy

Primitive Reflex Remediation

Visual Stabilization training

Interactive metronome

Neurofeedback therapy

Functional Medicine

Nutritional Interventions

Dietary interventions

Herbal and Supplemental strategies